Sunday, 1 December 2013

Melvita face scrub review £16

Facial scrubs are just as prescriptive as facial moisturisers and I am very fussy when it comes to purchasing one. Either the granules are too small/big or not there's not enough/too many of them!
Hopefully you have a scrub in your skincare routine. I would use one every other day or twice a week. A good scrub will also instantly brighten and smooth your skin, so it is essential for getting your make-up to glide on to the face and keeping your skin clear.,8,1,4945,4919.htm
Melivita Foaming Facial Scrub £16

I like my scrub to be quite rough and feel as though it is doing something. I am not too keen in the gel or foaming formulas, which this is, but I will give anything a go.

Melvita makes organic, natural cosmetics that is a sister company of L'Occitane. This is the first of it's skin care range that I have tried.

Glycerine and carnauba wax-  Keeps the skin moist 
Sunflower seed oil- Healing/moisturising
Bamboo tears- antioxidant, anti-aging
Silica- This is the exfoliant particles
Pink Corallina- A seaweed rich in calcium that promotes healthy cell renewal

This facial scrub smells of grapefruit, which was nice but not particularly special. I used a pea size on dampened cleansed skin, using circular motions. Wasn't sure on the texture as it was slightly runny (I now shake the bottle before using). I used a damp muslin cloth to remove.
I would have liked the scrub to be slightly more abrasive, but this would be the right texture I'm sure for most. My skin was definitely brighter and smoother.      

I purchased this product from TK Maxx for just over £4. BARGAIN! I am happy with it but wouldn't buy at it's retail price of £16.


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