Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Review, Divine eye cream, L'Occitane £46

How often do you apply a hand cream? Couple of times a day? Once a day?
What about an eye cream? Day and night? Once a day? Once a week?.... Never?
Just like our hands, our eyes are constantly being used, however I feel it is a product that is overlooked. I am one of those people!

Divine Eyes, L'Occitane £46
Your eye area is 6 times thinner than the rest of your face so it is really important to use a specific product for the eyes. Your moisturiser is too thick and can actually do more harm than good and should only go as far as your eye socket.
The product I have been testing is L'Occitane's Divine Eye Cream. This is a high end product costing £46.00 that contains natural plant extracts and oils. It claims to be a 'one does all' product, which I like, and be effective on puffiness, dark circles and lines.

Key ingredients:
-Rose to calm the skin. Also good for lines
-Buckwheat extract for puffiness
-Ash tree extract for dark circles
-Organic Immortelle flower extract for smoothing the skin
-Hyaluronic acid that is encapsulated so that you get 24 hour hydration
Sounds magical!!

I applied half a pump of the eye cream around the eye socket after moisturising. This felt very calming and cooling with a light creamy texture. I had no problems applying my concealer on afterwards, which is a big thumbs up. I also suffer from very sensitive eyes, and it did not irritate.

This isn't the colour of the product, just an indicator of where to put it!
I found this product moisturised my eye area. I am lucky that at the moment I do not suffer with lines or puffiness but I do get dark circles. I think you would need to use the product for longer to see results.
I would recommend this product to people with sensitive, dry eyes. 

Apply your eye cream with your wedding ring finger and dab along the eye socket with the lightest touch. Do not drag the skin!
Always apply your eye product after your moisturiser both morning and night.
Add your eye cream to your make-up routine. Make-up unfortunately is one of the biggest culprits for dehydrating your skin. Apply before your make-up and that way you will not forget about it.

So I am going to try and remember to use my eye cream. If you have a favourite I'd love to here about it.



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