Monday, 25 November 2013

Occo Dalmacija No.1 Hydrating Lotion

Sunday shopping trip to TK Maxx and I could not believe how many cosmetic brands I had not tried.
I love a bargain and I love the process of finding a bargain. It feels like you have worked hard to get your purchase, filtering out the rubbish and finding the gems, and I believe this has got to be one. Anything that states hydration tends to grab my attention.

Occo is a luxary spa brand that uses natural at least 96% natural ingredient. This product contains algae, conditioning wheat, nourishing pomegranate and plant anti-oxidants. Not only does it sound like you could eat it, the smell is something else!
This product has that spa like quality. The packaging was what got my attention with it glass bottle and Art Deco print.
Occo Hydrating Lotion £20.00, TK Maxx £5.99
What is a lotion?
Lotions are relatively new to the market but are a step that can be used instead of a toner or used after toning. The difference to a toner? It is slightly thicker in texture and contain far more active ingredients. It will penetrate in to the lower layers of the skin, like a serum and is particularly good at tackling dehydration. We all seem to suffer from dry skin this time of year so adding this step is really worth it.

I just put one pump on to a dry cotton wool and swept over my skin after cleansing. It feels like your skin is drinking a smoothie. It absorbs very quickly and I found I needed to use less moisturiser. 

I tend to have a combination skin and have a slightly dehydrated forehead. This particular product is for dry and sensitive skins. Now I don't particularly have that skin type so I am just using it on my forehead, but if the weather gets colder then my whole face will be treated.
tip: always adapt your skincare to the weather. I am not sure I would need this in the summer,  but I may just use it because I love the smell.
I will be purchasing some of the other products in this brand. Any recommendation?

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