Friday, 13 December 2013

Dr. Nicholas Perricone Super Cleanser

You have the creamy ones, foaming ones, gel ones, ones for sensitive skins, ones for dry/oily/normal skins. So many choices!
My preference is a creamy cleanser in the evening which will remove all my make-up and that is gentle enough to use on the eyes. I cannot be doing with a separate eye make-up remover. Then in the morning I use a gel or foam texture which all helps with the waking up process.

This is a creamy cleanser which I have never heard of so of course I had to try it! Again I purchased from TK Maxx for around £7.00.
So far my favourite cleansers to use in the evening are Lush's Ultra Bland and Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish.

What is the criteria for a creamy cleanser?
Texture- not too thin
Natural ingredients- LOTS
Removes make-up and dirt effectively

You will be surprised that I haven't added fragrance to the list, but that would be a bonus. It just has to be effective.

Ingredients: Blueberry, Blackberry, Apple, Grape, Raspberry, Apricot, Acai powder, Cocoa seed butter, Tamanu seed oil
The tamanu seed oil and cocoa butter help this product glide on to the face easily and to stop the skin from drying out. The fruit extracts are full of vitamins and have brightening properties. So your skin will not only be cleansed effectively but also look brighter.

It states to apply on to damp skin however I prefer to apply it on to dry skin. Two pumps in circular motions. You should always use circular movements as our pours are round and we want to deep clean them. Then remove with a warm, damp muslin cloth or flannel or cotton wool, whichever takes your fancy!
The smell is quite unusual. Very sweet, but I have grown to like it. It removes all traces of make-up and my skin has kept clear while using it.

Still think that Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish is my winning cleanser so far, but this will take a close second and was kinder to my purse.

Which is your cleanser of choice?

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