Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Argan Plus Body Lotion

What do I expect from a body lotion?
Easy application (pump or a tub container)
Quick absorbsion
Glides on to the skin for minimal effort
Smells nice
Uses natural ingredients
last longer than a month......Not a lot then!!!

Argan Plus body lotion, £8.00 TK Maxx
I purchased this product as I have never heard of the brand and I was interested by the quantity of natural ingredients as well as the size of it (500ml)
The application is dead easy as it comes with a pump. The texture is just light, quickly absorbing and it smells like a tropical cocktail of natural goodness. yum!

Argan Oil- Ant-Ageing and super moisturising
Mango butter- full of goodness! vitamin A, C and E
Acai Berries- Anti-oxidant. Full of vitamin C
Other nourishing ingredients- Coconut oil, glycerin, shea butter, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, more vitamin C and E
I'm loving this product and it cost me just over £8! Bargain buy.
I often use it as a hand cream and every time I shower/bath.

Tip: you have just 3 minutes before your skin starts to dry out after being in contact with water. 
So be quick to apply!

I will be buying again. Thank you TK Maxx. You've done it again.

Tell me your favourite body cream? 

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