Monday, 9 December 2013

New Year, New Skincare Habits

So the New year is fast approaching us and what a great time to get in to some good skincare habits.
I often have customers that find it difficult to stick to a beauty routine. Here are my top tips:

1) Make it achievable! 
If you have never used a moisturiser then it more than likely you will not use a toner, serum and eye cream. If you are not used to using skincare then start off with the most important products- a cleanser and moisturiser, and build up your routine from there.

2) Fit it in with your daily routine
If you shower first thing in the morning then use your cleanser in the shower and then use your other products straight afterwards. If you love the feel of water on your skin use a cleansing foam or gel. If your skin is dry then try a cleansing milk. I know that this just sounds obvious but so many people start a new skincare routine that is alien to them which doesn't fit in with their lifestyle and the products go in the draw never to see light again! Get products that for your skin type and that will fit in with your day.

3) Force yourself for the first 20 times
Anything that's new will feel strange when you first start, but it is said once you get past 13 times it will start to feel natural. So bare with it! Maybe cross it off the calendar or mark it in your dairy. It will feel like an achievement I promise, especially when you start to see a difference on your skin.

4) Set up an easy access area
Make sure you are set with all the tools you need with cotton pads and all your beautiful products.
This could be by your side table in your living room or a shelf in your bathroom. Think of what has stopped you from using products before. Was it because the bathroom is upstairs and you are relaxing in the living room?  

Here is my bathroom.

I have baskets in my bathroom that I put my products in. These aren't all my products but ones I need to hand. I have a make-up bag for my make-up, then my first basket has my cleanser, lotion, serum, moisturiser and eye balm. In front is my fragrance I am currently using, which I have out of the basket for easy access. The middle basket is for my boyfriends products. The basket on the far right has all my hair care needs with brushes, clips, dry shampoo and so on.
I use muslin cloths, which I keep the clean ones in the airing cupboard and one that I am using by the sink area.

By my shower I have my face scrub, shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and shower oil that I use.

This is what works for me, but it will be different for others.

Here are some other examples.

My mother always has done her skincare regime in bed. She has a draw beside her bed that has all her products in and she uses a cleansing milk which she removes with a toner (so no need for the water). 

A friend uses a 3-in-one cleanser with cotton wool that she uses when she gets in from work while enjoying her favourite program on the box. 

A customer I know always checks her emails first thing in the morning so keeps her products by her computer.

What works for you? 

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  1. oh, these are some great tips.. and I think I always have to mentally force myself to do it haha :')